Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Pain and Still No Answers

Today I woke up is so much pain. I laid in bed and watched my Friends DVD's. At around 11am Heath called me and told me not to wait for the doctor's office to call and to call them. I did and talked to a medical assistant. I explained what was going on. She proceeded to ask whether I thought it was a GI problem or something else. I told her I didn't know I am not a doctor. She then asked what my opinion was. I told her I didn't know. All I knew was that I was in more pain after the procedure. She told me she would talk to the doctor and call me back. By 3 she had not called back so I called again. I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then the phone hung up on me. I called back. Finally talked to the medical assistant. She told me the doctor did not believe it was a GI problem. He wanted me to have a urinalysis to see if it might be a kidney problem and to make an appointment with my primary care physician. I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow morning. Hopefully he can refer me to a doctor that can find out what is wrong. I am suppose to go to work on Thursday, hopefully the pain will be bearable I can go to work.

Heath sent me a list of GI doctors in Salt Lake City so I can find a new one. I already have I just couldn't get an appointment until the 31st. Hopefully I can get some answers tomorrow. The Lortab is helping a little. Hopefully I can go to sleep soon. I am going to stop writing for now.

What to Do Now

Right now it is after midnight and I am sitting at my computer typing this. I tried to sleep but I am in way too much pain. On Friday I had another procedure to see what could be causing this pain, ever since I have been in even more pain. My right side hurts worse then ever. Hopefully the doctor will call me tomorrow and tell me what the problem is.

I had my second Tysabri infusion last Monday. Again it went fine. I got a really bad headache afterwards but other than that I feel fine. Also I think it is doing what it is suppose to. I feel better with the MS symptoms. My foot hasn't been going numb as much.

Right now it is my side pain. I just want this pain gone!!!! I am going to try to go to sleep again.