Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eating Healthier

I was in this cardiovascular program with my job, and was trying to eat better. I decided drinking soda was probably something I needed to give up. Also I decided I needed to stop eating things with aspartame. There is so much evidence that it can cause problems. I actually went almost 3 weeks without soda and caffeine. Definitely a record for me. I actually felt better. I was kind of suprised. Giving up soda wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I have decided to stay away from aspartame as much as possible and to only drink soda once in awhile. I don't even miss it. Which was a complete shock to me. I figured it would be the hardest thing to do but it really wasn't.
I have cut down on the amount of caffeine I was consuming and have only had soda twice since after the 3 weeks without it. At first I quite drinking the normal diet coke and went the the stuff with Splenda in it. I felt better just switching but I realized i wasn't drinking enough water because I was just drinking Diet Coke with Splenda. This is when I decided to give up soda altogether.
I am only drinking coffee once in awhile. Only if it is a day off and only if I really want a coffee. Which isn't that often. Well it isn't as often as it use to be. lol.
I stopped buying the yogurt with Aspartame in it, and I am only getting the stuff without. I think it tastes better. The only reason I was getting the other yogurt was because it was fat free. I may be eating more fat but I am eating less chemicals.
I actually lost a couple pounds since giving up soda. Now if I could just lose 10 and be back to the weight I was before the steroids over the last year. Anyway I will start writing more now that I feel like it again. Later....

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