Thursday, November 15, 2007

Avonex Makes My Leg Hurt and Gabapentin makes me really Dizzy!

This new medicine gabapentin is not working and only makes me tired and dizzy. So I am going to talk to the doctor tomorrow so I can get a different medicine. I was so dizzy this morning I probably shouldn't have been driving. I felt so dizzy I was running into things at work and practically falling asleep standing up. I don't think I will take the medicine tonight. The other thing that sucked this week was my leg hurt really bad from my Avonex shot. My leg didn't start hurting until Tuesday, (I had my shot on Saturday) I tried to ice it but that didn't help. My Avonex nurse said it sounded to her like I was not high enough on my leg. The shot had been given in the side of my thigh. So I guess Heath will have to go higher next time. Anyway my leg hurt for 2 days and now its fine. The first day it hurt it was really painful. Every step I took hurt. The second day wasn't so bad.
This weekend should be really fun. Heath and I are going to a ice skating event at the Energy Solutions arena (its where the Utah Jazz play) and we get the IMFT suite. Heath won the tickets at work. I can't wait it will be so much fun.
Next Tuesday we leave for Oregon. Its going to lots of fun too, I get to see all my family and spend Thanksgiving with them. We are suppose to have dinner at my Grandma's, I am really looking forward to it.
Only one more day of work this week. I am really happy about that too 2 days off then work 2 and then 5 days off. A nice little vacation. Well nothing else to report.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Couple Good Days a Couple Bad

I know its been a while since I wrote but I been kind of busy. Where should I start? 2 weeks ago I was feeling better than I had felt in months. I had 4 days of feeling like I felt before I got MS. My head didn't hurt, no joint pain, nothing. I was really happy. It was so nice to not feel sick for a while. I didn't fall asleep in class at all that week, I was able to study for my test. I had a test in my inorganic chemistry class on that Thursday, I felt rested and felt really good about the test. I even finished 20 minutes early. I have never finished a test that early.

Well Friday rolls around and I started to feel weird about 8am I can usually tell when I am going to get a headache. I went to class and began to feel worse. I began to feel like I was going to throw up and my head began to pound. I went back to work and told my boss I had a horrible headache and I wanted to go home. I cleaned up the lab and left. I had to go get my prescription for my Avonex. I went to the doctor's office and of course it wasn't ready. As I am waiting for it the fire alarm goes off. Having a horrible headache and having to listen to a annoying fire alarm is not fun. It was at least 10 minutes before the alarm was turned off. Finally I get my prescription. I left a message with my doctor to call me so we could discuss these headaches. Sally the physicians assistant called me back. I told her about the headaches and recommended a drug I could take gabapentin. I called Heath and asked him to pick it up. I went home and fell asleep. I felt better after my nap. Heath go home I took the medicine and went to sleep again.

Saturday was a fun day. I went to school to work on a homework assignment with my friend and classmate Jenseena. We tried to work on the assignment but mostly we talked about other things. We gave up on the homework assignment about 12:30 (we had been working on it since 10:30) and went to lunch. I got home about 4. I had a headache the whole time but I am use to having headaches so I just ignore it. Heath gave me my shot of Avonex about 7, it hurt more this time but it was because I was tensing my muscle. Sunday was uneventful. This last week was not very good because the medicine I was put on made me really dizzy and tired. I fell asleep in class almost everyday and I was practically falling asleep at work. I am staying on the medicine for another week to see if the side effects go away. I hope so, but so far it is not getting rid of my constant headaches.

I really hope the Avonex begins working on these headaches. I am so tired of waking up with a headache, or getting a headache later in the day or what ever. Or having a headache all of the time. My head has felt strange since my head injury. (For those of you reading this who don't know I fell in January and and hit my head so hard I ended up with a brain bleed, brain contusion and a severe concussion. I stayed in ICU over night.) This feeling has been there since the head injury. Sometimes its a constant dull pain other times its a excruciating pain. It just depends on the day. Well I have written enough for now.