Saturday, October 11, 2008

MS Anniversary, and finally the Pill-Cam Test

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of being diagnosed with MS. Nothing really significant. October 9th was a good day though. After 8 months of side pain and dealing with trying to get the Pill-Cam test approved I finally get to have the test. My secondary insurance is going to cover it. My primary insurance still won't even after 3 different doctors had requested for a total of 5 times. It absolutely amazing to me that an insurance company would deny a test 5 times when 3 doctors had requested it. Anyone reading this who has a choice between Altius or some other insurance company do not choose Altius. They are the worse insurance company I have ever had to deal with. Their whole stance on this test is it is investigational therefore they should not have to pay for it. Every test I have ever had has been investigational, but what do I know, I am not a medical director determining people's fate based on very little information.

Anyway I am finally having this test after 8 months of pain. Last week the pain moved to my left side also, I must be getting better lol. I mean pain spreading has to be a good sign. Ok I am being sarcastic. The test is happening Monday I have to work but it was the only day they could do it or I would have to wait another 2 weeks. I am not waiting any longer. I spoke to my boss and he is going to let me leave to go have the procedure done. I have to swallow the pill and then hooked up with electrodes. I have to wear some sort of belt, but I don't care I want this test done so I can finally know if this is a GI problem or something else, in which case I can go to another doctor. My GI doctor still believes it is a GI problem so hopefully they will find something so this pain will go away. Well I am tired of writing.