Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another day in the life of MS

I got up today and went to work. I was feeling OK at first, but then I felt completely drained. It's been such a long week. I finished what I was doing and told my boss I would probably not come back after I went to class. Oh yeah I am in inorganic chemistry at the University of Utah. I am really trying to finish the class because I am over half way through. I went to class but I was so tired during it I was beginning to fall asleep. After class I went home. I pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon. I feel much better now. I am going to go to work tomorrow for half the day, I need to keep my life as normal as I can. My best friend from Oregon will be here tomorrow I can't wait to see her. She is always so positive so I know she will make me feel better.
We are going to go to an MS conference that my doctor is speaking at. Its about new developments in MS. I think it will be a good conference. Heath made reservations at the hotel its at so we are going to stay there for the night. I think it will be really nice. Well I am getting tired again so I am going to go for now.

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