Monday, March 31, 2008

Heath Left and I Miss Him

Heath left tonight for New York to visit his Father who isn't doing so well. I wanted to go with him but I was suppose to be working this week but that didn't happen. I called my new job but they haven't called me back, so I have tomorrow off tomorrow also. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself I would much rather be working then being at home. I am really excited to start my new job and begin making more money.
I already miss Heath. He keeps me grounded. He is so supportive and helpful. I don't mind being alone, I would just rather have him here.
My MRI is Wednesday, nothing new there. I have had some weird things happen the last couple of days. I woke up last night and my right arm was completely numb. I had to shake it for awhile before I could feel it again. It is the strangest feeling to not be able to feel a part of your body and it is just hanging there. I am pretty sure my arm went to sleep, but it is still the weirdest feeling.
Well nothing else really going on so I am going to say good night.

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Heath A. Wilkinson said...

Thank you for the compliments; I miss you too. Sorry you woke up with the arm thing going on; probably just fell asleep on you. It's good that you're in tune with this stuff.

I'll give you a call in a little while. I just noticed the post and thought I would write back.

Love you.