Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally get to start Tysabri!

I got my results back from the colonoscopy and it didn't really show anything. They told me to stop taking the Aleve I was taking for the Avonex symptoms because they could not find anything else that could be causing the problem. I went to my neurologist today and he finally said I could start Tysabri next week. Finally no more Avonex. I am so happy. He believes the right side pain is not MS related. My neurologist even called my GI doctor personally to make sure there were no other issues. My GI doctor and my neurologist went to medical school together, so they are old friends. He told me to talk to the general surgeon again and see if he can do anymore tests. Who knows maybe with being on Tysabri the pain will go away. It would be great if it did. Nothing else really going on. I am hoping this pain will go away eventually, I am so tired of having pain.

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