Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Information

I went for my 4th Tysabri infusion yesterday and was talking to the nurse about my side pain. I was telling her it has been 7 months and no doctor could figure it out. There are 2 more tests that could shed some light on, one is the small bowel X-ray and the next is the pill-cam test. The nurse told me to do both of the tests but if still nothing was found it could be neuropathic pain. I had never heard of this before now. She said one of my lesions in my brain could be causing this, and there was a medicine I could try. I like my neurologist but he didn't even bring this up at anytime when I was telling him about this pain. It could still be a GI problem but at least its being narrowed down. Tuesday I go in for the X-ray test.

I think I was having a relapse this last weekend. I was telling the nurse what had happened over the last month and mentioned I felt nauseous all last weekend and I was dry heaving. She asked if this had occurred before, it had and that's when she mentioned maybe it was a relapse. I though you couldn't do anything if you are on Tysabri but you can still have steroid treatments. She said if it got any worse I could come in for one. I said no that's ok I was feeling better.

That was my exciting day yesterday. I will write more on Tuesday.

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