Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 Year in Review

My husband did a year in review so I am going to do the same. The year started off like most Having a grand old time on New Year's day. Heath and I had gone to a party at a friend's and both of us probably had too much too drink but overall a pretty good New Year's. Well pretty much from that day everything got worse. Let me start with the the major event of 2007 my head injury. Long story short, I was walking around my SUV and I slipped on some ice and fell directly on my chin with my arms back. I ended up with a brain bleed, brain contusion, and a severe concussion. Well my health just got worse from there. I was having headaches dizzy spells, and vertigo all the time. I had an MRI in March which I later found out had lesions on it but my moronic neurologist didn't even look at the films himself, he just went by what the radiologist said. 10 months of going to a neurologist that kept saying" its migraines" even though it turned out to be MS.
In September I had enough of my neurologist and I went to my general doctor and told him I wanted a new referral to a neurologist and I wanted an new MRI which my neurologist would not give me even though I had asked several times. My general doctor had me scheduled for an MRI 2 days later and was already trying to find me a new doctor. The lesson that everyone should take from this is: If your doctor is not helping you and won't do what you ask get a new doctor. I wish I would have sooner. After the second MRI which had changed significantly I was told it was supicious of MS. I had to have a LP to confirm the diagnosis. My diagnosis was confirmed on October 10, 2007 I have MS. I am now on Avonex and trying to deal with my bad days.
All I can really say is this year pretty much sucked. I know that I am not being very positive but being diagnosed with a disease like MS is not fun. Yeah there were good things that happened during the year but overall I am going to say this wasn't a good year. I am hoping next year will be better. The year ends in 8 so already its better than ending in a 7. Seven is not a lucky number for me. Well that's all I am going to say for now about 2007.

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